Which digestive and gut health supplement is best for my horse?

Which digestive and gut health supplement is best for my horse?

Which digestive and gut health supplement is best for my horse?

Digestive EQ and RP are both complete digestive supplements for horses, targeting the entire digestive tract, from the stomach to the hind gut. They are both scientifically formulated equine gut supplements, which were designed in collaboration with equine nutritionists and vets to support enhanced performance and overall health in horses. But they are not the same.

Our high performance gut health supplements support your horses to deliver their best, feel comfortable, and thrive from the inside-out.

Great gut health is the foundation for performance

With a healthy gut, our horses can benefit from more effective digestion, reducing wasted feed and improving the horse’s condition. Great gut health supports strong immunity, as 70% of your horse’s immune system is in their gut. And of course your horse will feel better, stronger and have more energy – which allows them to exhibit calmer, trainable behaviour and to perform at their highest level plus improved recovery.

When the gut microbiome is altered, a horse’s performance is impacted. Less beneficial bacteria in the gut means less energy supply to the horse’s muscles, which impacts speed and stamina, and slows recovery.

Meet Digestive EQ

With an impressive track record of proven results since its creation in 2017, Digestive EQ is trusted by vets, equine nutritionists and thousands of horse owners to provide effective support for horses’ digestion, fore and hind gut health, and immune systems. The Digestive EQ supplement formulation has been updated and improved in the last year, and horses now get the benefit of extra buffers, an updated magnesium to calcium ratio and post biotics as well as prebiotics.

Introducing Digestive RP

This premium equine gut health product has an enhanced formulation to provide extra digestive support and gut health benefits to meet the needs of high performance sport horses and racehorses, delivering all the goodness of Digestive EQ, with the extra benefits of:

  • an additional amino acid, Leucine, known for muscle building and recovery
  • more amino acids per dose
  • an additional enzyme, Phytase, to further support efficient digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • a higher level of the Carbohydrase enzymes in Digestive EQ, to provide extra support for digestion of grain
  • A higher level of our dual action acid buffers for extra gut protection.

What does this mean?

If your horse competes at a high level, or has more grain in their diet, consider the enhanced Digestive RP gut supplement with additional amino acids and digestive enzymes, plus higher levels of postbiotics and buffers for even more gut support.

Why do high performance horses need a higher level of gut support?

Regular intense exercise, time off feed, travel and competition all impact on a horse’s gut which then in turn impacts on performance and recovery. Emptying of the stomach, increased stomach acidity and a shift in hindgut microbial populations plus a post-exercise fall in glutamine all contribute to increased risk of ulcers and ‘leaky gut’ and less energy for speed and stamina.

Why do horses who eat more grain benefit from extra gut support?

Diets high in uncooked grain are difficult for horses to digest, and undigested starch  can end up in the hindgut, creating an acidic hindgut which will kill beneficial gut bacteria, altering the gut microbiome and contribute to create leaky gut.

We compared Digestive EQ and Digestive RP to another well known brand:


Digestive EQ

Digestive RP

Leading Brand

Gut Buffering Aids

Dual Buffering with two modes

Dual Buffering with two modes - and increased amounts

One buffer only

Amino Acids

4 – Glutamine, Threonine, Serine, Proline

5 – Leucine, Glutamine, Threonine, Serine, Proline

2 – Glutamine, Threonine

Dose of Amino Acids




Balanced Magnesium to Calcium Ratio


Yes – and increased amounts


Gut Prebiotics

Yes + Postbiotic

Yes + Postbiotic

Yes + Probiotic (must be live to be effective)

Carbohydrase Digestive Enzymes

Enough to digest up to 4.5kg of grains

Enough to digest up to 6.5kg of grains


Phytase Digestive Enzymes





Poseidon’s Equine Gut Health Supplements:

  • Are scientific formulations
  • Includes the right combination and levels of actives
  • Made locally, with the highest quality ingredients
  • Have the highest level of Amino Acid support
  • Have the highest level of Digestive Enzymes, and the most effective combination
  • Have the highest level of Dual-Action Buffering Aids, at the right magnesium to calcium ratio

Multi-Action Equine Gut Support

Our digestive supplements are ideal for horses who:

  • Travel regularly or compete at any level
  • Have a dull coat, brittle hooves, skin conditions, or seem less than 100% healthy
  • Horses who struggle to put on weight or keep top condition - Weight loss, poor topline, loss of condition are often signs of poor gut health
  • Horses who show spooky, reactive or ‘sour’ behaviour
  • Horses with a history of poor gut health eg. gastic ulcers, colic, scouring, hindgut acidosis
  • Horses recovering from injury or who have been on medication
  • OTT horses adjusting to life off the track
  • Breeding mares and stallions and weaned foals/ yearlings
  • Any horse who benefits from extra gut support.

Which gut supplement is best for my horse?


Any horse who will benefit from gut support


For horses who experience greater gut stress though exercise and diet

  • Horses in low to moderate work
  • Off The Track Thoroughbreds
  • Older horses
  • Horses recovering from ill health
  • Weanlings, Yearlings
  • Horses being Started under saddle
  • Mares in foal or with foals at foot
  • High Performance Sporthorses
  • Competitive Show Jumpers, Dressage Horses, Eventers, Barrel racers, Endurance Horses
  • Horses on a higher grain diet
  • Show or Sales Preparation, Yearling prep
  • Stallion Breeding
  • Any horse regularly in intense work


Do you have any questions about your horse’s gut health requirements?

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