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At Poseidon Animal Health (formerly Poseidon Equine) we believe that exceptional equine wellness begins in the gut, and that by supporting digestive and gut health your horse will be happier, healthier, and perform better. We are passionate about creating effective, affordable equine supplements that improve your horse's health and performance.

Equine Gut Health - What's the big deal?

Equestrians see problems like anxious behaviour, girthiness, laminitis, weight challenges so often that they are often seen as ‘normal’. But are they really? What’s causing your horse to not feel their best? Leading scientific research is showing that poor gut health in horses can play a major role in causing of all of these issues.

Support your horse's performance

From a mineral and vitamin balance with the right fibre and forage, to great gut health, a horse enjoying a healthy digestive system and good nutrition is able to perform at their best.

Equine Supplements

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Our equine supplements are complete, all-in-one solutions so you don’t need a shelf full of products to care for your horse's health. Our gut health supplements Digestive EQ & RP contain dual pH buffers, prebiotics, post biotics, digestive enzymes and amino acids. Our mineral and vitamin supplement Digestive VM offers all the essential minerals and vitamins ideal for New Zealand horses, as well as magnesium and calcium.

Less cost, fewer products to buy, and more daily goodness. All our horse supplements are competition safe and non-swabbable, so you can use them any time.

Shop online to earn rewards and get your equine supplements delivered free. Save 10% on a Starter Pack, start a subscription and save 10% on RRP, or pick up Poseidon at your local feed store.

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Use our handy online equine nutrition tool to work out if your horse is getting the feed and supplements they need. Save their profile and when your horse's situation changes, pop back in for a quick check to ensure they are getting the right diet - and that you're not wasting money!

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Wellness from Within

Since 2017 Poseidon Animal Health has been committed to improving the lives of horses through scientifically developed equine supplements that are proven to support great gut health and digestion, along with overall good health.

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