Poseidon Rewards Programme

We appreciate you, and to thank you for choosing our equine products, we created a Rewards Programme that rewards you for every dollar you spend on our horse supplements. 

Just take 3 minutes to join the Rewards Programme and you'll start earning points immediately. We've shared some of our most common questions about the programme to help make it easy to understand.

Do I really get a $10 off just by joining the programme? 

Yes, it's true. Join up and get your $10 off code immediately by email - you can use your code right away and save on your horses supplements.

How can I earn points?

There are three ways to earn Reward points:

  • Join up - that's 200 points, which earns you a $10 off code
  • Shop on this website - you'll earn 1 point for every $1 spent
  • Share our website on Facebook (once) - you'll get 50 points

Your discount can't be used at the same time as another discount is being applied, so you won't be able to use a rewards code on a subscription order, or on a starter pack, as these already have a 10% discount being automatically applied.

    How do I redeem the points I have earned?

    You may have an email with a code which you can enter at checkout to redeem your discount, or if you don't have the email handy, just use the Rewards pop up lower left.

    Make sure you are signed in, and click Ways to Redeem. You will see your points balance, and be able to redeem it on your order.

    How do I get my friend and I discount codes with my Referral Link? 

    Use the Rewards Pop Up. Just share your personal Referral Link to as many horsey friends as you like. Anyone you send it to will be able to enter their email address and get a $5 off code emailed right away.

    The minimum purchase is $100. If your friend spends $100 or more, you also get a NZD$5 discount voucher code.