Poseidon Equine is now Poseidon Animal Health

Poseidon Equine is now Poseidon Animal Health

Poseidon Equine is now Poseidon Animal Health

New name, same values: Poseidon Equine is now Poseidon Animal Health 

The industry’s understanding of animal health is evolving, and at Poseidon Animal Health, our approach to supporting the foundations of animal health is evolving, too. 

Poseidon Animal Health is the new name for our business, which encompasses our equine supplement business Poseidon Equine. It’s an umbrella for our interest in supporting the gut health of all animals, and an opportunity for us to keep the door open to exploring products for other species down the track. 

Yes! We’re still a family-owned and operated business, led by our founder, Linda Goldspink-Lord, who will always be passionate about helping horses to live healthy lives, by promoting animal gut health and wellness from within. 

So what’s changed?

Our core values remain the same. We want to educate horse and dog owners about the impact of good gut health on the overall health of their animals, and empower them to build positive health foundations starting from within. 

And we’re committed to helping as many horses as possible enjoy the gifts of good gut health with our science based supplements. 

We recognise that the world of animal health is evolving. New research is coming out all the time, providing scientific evidence around new ways to support equine gut health. And our ongoing work with scientists, vets, nutritionists and behaviour experts across the equine world will always ensure that we use current evidence-based research to inform and improve our products. 

We're are expanding our product ranges, with new species-appropriate gut-health products. 

Because science doesn’t stand still, neither do we

We’re excited about the evolution of our business, and about continuing to build communities of animal owners where people can ask questions, access expert advice, and feel empowered about the decisions they’re making on behalf of their horses and dogs. 

And we’ve got ambitious plans - growing Poseidon's equine and canine product ranges, embracing innovation, and expanding our presence around New Zealand, Australia, and the world. At our core, our business is the same - we’re a dedicated, hardworking and hands-on operation. 

Our founder Linda says: “Sometimes I have to pinch myself that an idea to help one horse, has turned into a business that’s helped thousands of horses throughout New Zealand, Australia and across the world. But we still have a long way to go - I dream of helping every animal live a life of true health, and empowering every animal owner about how to help them. Thanks for being part of our story, I can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings.”

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