How Digestive EQ & Equibind became staples at Brumby Farm

How Digestive EQ & Equibind became staples at Brumby Farm

How Digestive EQ & Equibind became staples at Brumby Farm

Russell Higgins and Ruth Carlyle own and run Brumby Farm Horsemanship Centre in Te Awamutu, New Zealand, and provide Horsemanship Clinics - across New Zealand, and in 17 other countries so far. 

Between them they have decades of horsemanship teaching experience and they continue to study regularly with world-renowned equestrian clinicians to expand their skills. They provide natural horsemanship clinics across New Zealand and overseas. Both Ruth and Russell are passionate about helping horses and humans to understand each other better.

Caring for new OTTB and an older thoroughbred cross

When Ruth took on a new OTTB, Pete, who had lived and raced in Hong Kong, she was aware that the likelihood he was dealing with ulcers was high, and Pete also presented with a long term skin condition. While Ruth bought ulcer treatment from her vet when Pete had his vet check on arrival at Brumby Farm, she decided that becausDigestive EQ offered dual gut buffers, digestive enzymes, amino acids and a prebiotic/postbiotic blend, it could be useful to try her new OTTB arrival on that first. 

With her beloved 14 year old Holsteiner x Thoroughbred Denis struggling to put on weight for the last few years and reacting to the lush Waikato grass, Ruth was also looking for a more effective way to support his gut health and help him to enjoy 'whole-horse wellness'.

Weight gain, no ulcer medicine, and less sensitivity 

New OTTB Pete thrived on his arrival at Brumby Farm with his long term skin condition resolving, maintaining his condition and no sign of ulcer pain - the expensive ulcer medication stayed on the shelf.

Ruth found that Denis put on weight, and also became less sensitive on his right side (where the hindgut primarily sits).

To help both horses manage their diet of predominantly hay with some Waikato grass, Ruth gave them both Equibind as well as the Digestive EQ. Seeing how Equibind supported them through the autumn grass flush, Ruth began giving it to the entire Brumby Farm herd.

Ruth said: 

"I have been struggling for a few years to keep the weight on Denis. He has always been affected by the grass and managing him on a mostly hay diet was a challenge. I actually started using Digestive EQ with our new ex-Hong Kong TB, Pete, and he really began to look good, so I tried Denis on it too.

He began to put weight on, became much less sensitive on his right side, and seemed to have more energy. They are both permanently on Digestive EQ and looking great. I have now put the whole herd on to your Equibind toxin binder as well and they are coping well with the Waikato Autumn grass."

Clinic clientele employ Stress Paste

Ruth and Russell host a lot of clinics at Brumby Farm and are seeing more and more students using the Stress Paste to help their horses settle into the new environment and the change of grass. She was interested that the paste is designed primarily to protect the horse's stomach and hind gut microbiome.


Ruth is really pleased with how well her two big bay boys are doing, and expects to use Digestive EQ and Equibind permanently as part of her herd nutrition plan.