Empowering Equine Allostasis: The Synergy of Stress Paste and Digestive EQ

Empowering Equine Allostasis: The Synergy of Stress Paste and Digestive EQ

Empowering Equine Allostasis: The Synergy of Stress Paste and Digestive EQ

By Dr Ethan Romas-Hill BVSc., BVBiol

In the realm of equine health, maintaining the delicate balance of allostasis is paramount for optimal performance, and good gut health in our horses is a key to achieving this. As a veterinarian deeply immersed in the world of dressage, I've personally witnessed the profound impact of robust allostasis on a horse's overall well-being. In this article, let's explore the science behind allostasis and discover how the powerful combination of Stress Paste and Digestive EQ (or Digestive RP) could revolutionize your horse's health and performance.

Understanding Allostasis in Horses

In essence allostasis is the body's ability to maintain stability through change. As resilient as horses can be, they regularly face various stressors that can disrupt their internal equilibrium. While horses can often correct stress-related abnormalities over time, the demands of competition, travel, stress or illness can hinder their optimal performance and long term health.

The Role of Stress Paste in Supporting Allostasis

Enter Stress Paste – a revolutionary equine gut supplement meticulously designed to support your horse's allostasis by providing essential ingredients for navigating times of unnatural stress. 

As a Veterinarian, I've personally witnessed the transformative effects of supplementing with Stress Paste.

Stress Paste's key elements include:

  • B Vitamins for energy and appetite
  • Natural Betaine for heat resistance and adaptability to various environments
  • Vitamins C and E as antioxidants to limit cellular damage during oxidative stress.
  • Essential amino acids like Threonine, Glutamine, Serine, and Proline for gut wall protection
  • Pectins to gently coat the gut with a protective lining, designed to prevent damage.
  • Dual magnesium benefits for nerve function and pH buffering, preventing gut irritation and gastric ulceration.
  • Prebiotics and postbiotics to support a healthy gut microbiome 

These components are instrumental in helping horses achieve fluid balance, preventing unnecessary losses in fecal matter, and averting issues like gut impaction. Supplementation with Stress Paste provides baseline support to the horse's natural allostatic mechanisms, potentially assisting to prevent colic, and improving overall performance.

The Synergy with Digestive EQ

As a veterinarian, my philosophy revolves around preventing unwanted change, and supporting change where necessary. Pairing Stress Paste with Digestive EQ (or Digestive RP) creates a dynamic duo that has been a game-changer for me in both the competitive arena and the veterinary clinic. Digestive EQ & RP contain dual pH buffers which provide an additional layer of support, promoting homeostasis and preventing unwanted internal changes, like hind gut acidosis. Meanwhile the digestive enzymes in Digestive EQ & RP help ensure that undigested starch doesn’t reach the horse’s hindgut and disrupt the balance of the gut microbiome, and the amino acids are included to help the gut lining withstand or repair any damage. The inclusion of high level science-backed ingredients offers a robust defence against acidity-related issues, creating an environment where your horse can thrive.

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Personal Testimony: A Dressage Rider and Veterinarian's Perspective

In my dual roles as a dressage rider and veterinarian, I've personally experienced the positive impact of this combination on my own horses, and equine patients. This is not merely a product endorsement; it's a testament to the real-world benefits I've observed. The synergy of Stress Paste and Digestive EQ or Digestive RP provides comprehensive support for your horse's allostasis, ensuring they face challenges with resilience and vigor.

A Call to Action for Equine Well-Being

As responsible horse owners, prioritizing our equine companions' well-being is not a luxury but a necessity for optimal performance and health. Consider incorporating Stress Paste and Digestive EQ or Digestive RP into your horse's routine, providing them with the tools to navigate stress and maintain a stable internal environment.

Your horse's well-being is the heart of everything we do. Take the reins in promoting their allostasis and witness the transformative difference these equine supplements can make. Embrace the power of allostasis, and unlock your horse's full potential.


Veterinary Surgeon Dr. Romas-Hill, BVSc. BVBiol achieved dual degrees in Veterinary Science and Veterinary Biology. He then transitioned from small animal practice to rapidly launching his own mobile practice focusing on performance horses and greyhounds, with emphasis on nutrition, lameness, sports medicine, and equine podiatry. With over a decade of experience in training dressage horses, and notable achievements in eventing and the show ring, Dr Romas-Hill combines his passion for animal health, and appreciation of animals as the athletes they can be, to provide a unique and cultivated perspective in the veterinary industry.